Ian Lawman

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His Abilities

Ian takes no prisoners with his hard-man looks and approach to the spirit world that comes very naturally, he can bridge the gap within the two planes of existence to prove that life goes on after death via detailed messages of past, present and future.

Early life

Ian originates from a small steel town in the north east called Scunthorpe, he comes

from a down to earth working class family with Gypsy roots been the younger of two children.

From a very young age Ian realised he was very different to other children, seeing people and hearing voices that no one else could, his parents put it down to imaginary friends and it was something he would grow out of.

Its wasn’t until he lost his best friend Paul at the age of 15, when he realise that he had a very special gift, The night of Paul’s death he visited Ian in his bedroom, thanked him for been a good friend and said “ I will now help and show you the way” rather odd this to say, and not understanding at the time what Paul meant by this, from that night Ian’s Psychic abilities grew very powerful and he started to really understand how different he really was.

Later, after many years of fighting his natural abilities, Ian succumbed to his role as a gifted Psychic. He is now a well-known Figure in the world of the unknown and paranormal.

Life in the Media

Ian’s work in 2004 went more public with is appearances on I’m Famous and Frightened in which Ian was screened holding the worlds first ever Live Séance and the worlds first live Ouija board session.