Ian Lawman

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About Ian Lawman

Ian Lawman hails from normal working class Family, but broke from the following a traditional career path at the tender age of 16, when he became a top dancer and fashion model. His Modelling won him the accolade of been face of 94.

Ian went to dance school from the age of seven and at the same time went to martial art classes to help build up his strength which would help when lifting girls.

However, what Ian didn’t realise that Martial arts instructor Tony Grey saw something in Ian that you only come across a few times in your life time, “ Ian is a person that had no fear and was happy fighting boys ten years his senior, Ian had a natural punch at 7 harder than most adults, which made him unique”.

The bright lights of London beckoned Ian into a full dancing career but only to be cut short by the sudden death of his sister at 24 years of age in a road traffic accident.